STAFFORD ALERT – Hearing Tuesday, August 22 @ 6 PM

A once in a lifetime opportunity for all in southern Ocean County to Speak Out Against Overdevelopment in Manahawkin in a way that may make a difference.

Attention Stafford Region Residents

Your best chance to have a say in

Stafford’s Future Development

Tuesday, August 22 from 6-8 PM

at Stafford Municipal Building

This is vitally important to you because it is the sole local hearing chaired by the State of New Jersey’s Office of Smart Growth. The state has the power to say “yes” or “no” to many aspects of Stafford’s Master Plan. All other hearings are chaired by Stafford Township officials, who may just listen to your ideas and then go do whatever they want. This hearing is being held at the request of Save Barnegat Bay and others.

Among many questions and concerns you may wish to raise:

• Isn’t there already too much growth in Stafford?
• Why is a sewer extension being proposed through rural Mayetta? Won’t that increase rather than reduce development?
• How can traffic ever be reduced if Stafford’s “Regional Center” is allowed 80% paved impervious coverage?

• Given that a huge new residential and commercial development is coming in West of the Garden State Parkway, shouldn’t Stafford’s existing “Regional Center” East of the Parkway be significantly scaled down?

• Does the State Office of Smart Growth understand that every new development adds pollution to lakes, creeks, and Barnegat Bay?

The most important thing is that you come to express and show your feelings to the State Office of Smart Growth that Stafford is already overdeveloped.

By the time you hear that a development is before the Planning Board, it is too late. You need to act AT THIS HEARING, while the Master Plan is being created.

Please help get the word to friends.

Questions?: Call Helen Henderson at 908-278-9807.