Student Grant Program Application

Applicants are invited to apply for existing team projects (see below), the Wind Tunnel Project* or submit an original, individual proposal. Please see our mission to gain insight on the types of projects Save Barnegat Bay are looking to support.

Team Projects for the 2019 application cycle include:

  1. Official or Unofficial Transcripts:
    Please provide proof that you are enrolled in a full-time program of study in Marine Science, Natural Resource Management, Environmental Studies, or related fields at an accredited college or university
  2. Past Research Experience:
    Please provide any research experience relevant to the chosen independent project
  3. Advisor or Mentor:
    Please provide a written commitment from an advisor or mentor for the duration of proposed project
  4. Independent Project:
    Project Must –
    A. occur within Barnegat Bay and its watershed;
    B. be independently thought out and coincides with Save Barnegat Bay’s mission;
    C. must pertain to a current Barnegat Bay issue
  5. Project Proposal:
    Proposal Narrative Must Include –
    A. Abstract  250 words or less defining research hypothesis, design, sampling methods, data & analysis procedures
    B. Statement of Purpose – clear and concise hypothesis, objectives, and research questions
    C. Introduction – background about the research topic to convey its relevance and significance as it relates to the mission of Save Barnegat Bay, using credible cited references
    D. Experimental Design – description of methodical approach, including study sites, spatial and temporal intensity of sampling within timeframe allotted, tools and procedures to collect data
    E. Outcomes – practical application of the project in relation to a current Barnegat Bay issue
    F. Bibliography – comprehensive listing of works cited
  6. Other Sources of Funding:
    Please provide information on any other sources of funding for independent research project (if applicable)

Project Expectations

Accepted students will work a minimum of 90 hours with a mentor or advisor to develop and conduct field research during a three-month period of time. All students are required to keep a field journal to record research activities and log hours. Any changes to the project methodology must be reported to Save Barnegat Bay.

mid-point presentation to the Student Grant Committee, a final presentation to the public, and a final written report to the Student Grant Committee is required to receive full grant award. All students must attend a pre-research orientation and complete independent projects within allotted time frame to receive full grant award.

Important 2019 Grant Dates

Awardees are required to attend meetings and complete all activities. Failure to do so will result in significant reductions in grant award to student. Please ensure that you are available for all of the dates listed below.

Early Application Period (Projects beginning in April):

February 1st – Applications Accepted
March 1st – Applications Due by 5pm to Save Barnegat Bay
March 22nd – Notification of Candidate Awards

Regular Application Period (Projects beginning in May):

February 1st – Applications Accepted
March 29st – Applications Due by 5pm to Save Barnegat Bay
April 12th – Notification of Candidate Awards
May 20st – Orientation Meeting at SBB

June 24th – Mid-point Project Presentation (All Projects)

  • Written submission of mid-term update
  • Oral presentation (with PowerPoint) of project to date
  • Review of your journal and entries to date

August 9th – Final Presentation (includes PowerPoint and poster)

August 16th – Final Written Research Report and Summary Due (includes journals)

View an excellent example of a proposal: BReoProposal-DuneAccretion.docx

*Note: Wind Tunnel Project and associated Student Grant Awardee not funded by Save Barnegat Bay.


Faculty Advisors
Please upload a copy of your proposal in PDF format.
Please upload a copy of your recommendation letters as a single, combined PDF document.
Please upload a copy of your Transcripts in PDF format. Alternatively, you may have them sent to the Save Barnegat Bay office via FAX or EMAIL.