Barnegat Bay Fertilizer Challenge

Want to make a positive impact on your community and environment?

Save Barnegat Bay challenges YOU to stop using fertilizers on your lawn, yard, or property!

Overuse of fertilizer on land is a primary issue of concern affecting water quality in Barnegat Bay. When it rains, these chemicals wash over paved surfaces and into the Bay, where they accumulate and affect the natural balance of the ecosystem. Save Barnegat Bay has long been involved with helping to minimize fertilizers’ environmental toll. We were a major player in lobbying for New Jersey’s 2011 Fertilizer law, which eventually became the strictest fertilizer content law in the country. For more information on this law and its impact on the Bay, you can read more here.

Barnegat Bay Fertilizer Challenge

While legislative action is a powerful measure in controlling fertilizer pollution in the Watershed, citizen action is also a critical tool. To help reduce nitrogen pollution from lawn fertilizers and encourage homeowners and individuals to participate in this effort, Save Barnegat Bay launched the Barnegat Bay Fertilizer Challenge.

Your participation is the key.

Excess nitrogen from fertilizers is responsible for the abundance of algae, which crowds out the healthy living things, makes the bay murky, and creates habitat favorable to stinging bay nettle jellyfish. Click here to learn more about the impact fertilizers have on the Barnegat Bay ecosystem.

Because fertilizers are so widely used and because the Jersey Shore is so heavily developed with paved surfaces, minimizing the accumulation of these chemical substances in the Bay is no easy feat.

Join us in this challenge as we work together for a cleaner, healthier, and safer Barnegat Bay.


Check out our YouTube playlist below for more information on nitrogen pollution.