80′ Tall Banquet Hall Planned on Barnegat Bay – Vilamoura


As you may be aware, Vilamoura LLC of Branchburg, Somerset County has submitted an application to the Brick Township Board of Adjustment seeking approval for a four story restaurant and banquet which includes 42,011 square feet of interior space, an outside deck of approximately 17, 348 SF.   Over 500 parking spaces are proposed and parking for the outside restaurant area is not included in that amount.  The building, which is located directly at the foot of the Mantoloking Bridge will be more than double the height permitted in the zone and will be the tallest building on the Bay.

In addition the Board of Adjustment approval, Vilamoura must obtain an individual permit from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection pursuant to the Coastal Area Facility Review Act (“CAFRA”), N.J.S.A. 13:19, and the regulations promulgated thereunder at N.J.A.C. 7:7.  As a general matter, no CAFRA permit can be issued if it “would impair public health safety and welfare.”
Specifically, a CAFRA permit review entails an assessment of numerous environmental standards such as whether the proposed development will affect a) water quality; b)  critical habitat for threatened and endangered species including nesting, breeding, foraging for birds and also impact protected insect species; and c) will increase impervious surface and therefore lack appropriate stormwater controls and the required plantings

As part of the CAFRA application process, written comments on the application may be submitted.  Also, a public hearing on the application may be held.  If you would like to be heard on this matter, we ask that you write to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection regarding this CAFRA application.
You have an absolute right to submit any comments you choose either opposing the granting of the CAFRA application or encouraging the granting of such application.
Application  information for letters:
Vilamoura, LLC – CAFRA application
29-39 Mantoloking Road
Block 69, Lots 8 & 8.01
Brick Township, New Jersey
File No. 1506-04-0180.2 (CAF190001)
Letters should be addressed to:
Assistant Commissioner Ginger Kopkash
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Director Diane Dow
Division of Land Use Management
Assistant Director Colleen Keller
Coastal & Inland Regulation and Urban Growth – Redevelopment


Mail Code 501-02A, PO Box 420

401 East State Street

7th floor 
Trenton, NJ 08625-0420