STEM Summer Series

Get your hands wet this summer at Save Barnegat Bay’s STEM Summer Series(SSS)!  Meet scientists, educators, and local experts as we explore Bay Head to discover shellfish and wildlife, visit exhibits, learn about how we build our communities, get exposed to a variety of STEM professionals, careers and more. Young people ages 5-15 from Bay Head, Mantoloking, and Point Pleasant Beach are encouraged to apply. Limited space is available. The program is free thanks to generous support of the Clare Foundation. SSS will take place on Tuesdays, July 5th-August 23. Exact times TBD. 

Schedule at a Glance

July 5 Introduction to STEM Summer Series

Presenter: Save Barnegat Bay

Content: Macroinvertebrates from the Metedeconk River. Watersheds, water pollution, and local biodiversity


July 12 Build it, Catch it, Grow it! 

Presenter: Rutgers Water Resources Program

Content: Rain gardens, stormwater, green infrastructure, careers in the field


July 19 Technology of Storytelling

Presenter (Ages 9-15): Monmouth University Production Services

Content: Miking and lighting for documentary interviews

Presenter (Ages 5-8): Exit 82 Theater 

Content: Art of storytelling through full-body movement


July 22 Into the Woods

Presenter: Save Barnegat Bay

Content: seining, local plant ecology, invasive species, SBB


July 26 Diamonds in the Bay

Presenter: Project Terrapin

Content: Diamondback Terrapin biology and conservation


July 30 Bubble Blower

Presenter: Berkeley Township Underwater Search and Rescue and Island Beach State Park

Content: Beginner dive science, snorkeling in Barnegat Bay


Aug 2 Build a Boat to Float!

Presenter: NJ Museum of Boating

Content: Boat building, tools then and now, local history, build a surfboard


Aug 9 Motor Mechanisms: Zoom! Zoom! 

Presenter: Vintage Automobile Museum of New Jersey

Content: How a motor runs, different types of cars, history of cars


Aug 16 Stop the Sting

Presenter: Montclair State University, Dr. Paul Bologna 

Content: Jellyfish bio, invasive species, careers in science


Aug 17 Under the Sea

Presenter: Jenkinson’s Aquarium

Content: Aquarium floor, BTS tour of endangered coral protection program, ground breaking science and tech in aquariums, and careers in the aquarist, conservationist, and science field


Aug 23 The World is our Oyster

Presenter: Forty North Oyster Farms

Content: Oyster Farming, habitat oysters create, careers in ocean farming

Presenter: Ocean County Park

Content: Pelts and mammals of the marsh

Presenter: Save Barnegat Bay

Content: Oyster reef table top activity

Meet the Staff

Sydney Gawason

Intern Summer 2022

Keri-Bo Bates

STEM Summer Series Staff

Jennifer Haines

STEM Summer Series Staff

Liz Georger

STEM Summer Series Staff

Frank Gordon

STEM Summer Series Staff

Melanie Thorn

STEM Summer Series Staff

Graceanne Taylor

Education and Outreach Coordinator


Submit an application to the STEM Summer Series!

Applicants will be selected to participate in the program based on their interest in STEM and the date specific availability within the program. Participants will be selected to give students from all three towns Bay Head, Mantoloking, and Point Pleasant beach an equal opportunity to participate. 

Student Details


Show off your interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math! Have the student respond to this prompt independently using their choice of media. Please upload the picture (png or jpg)or pdf (if a word document)below. Videos (less than 1gb) can be sent to [email protected]

5-8 yr old colored drawing, 2D art piece

9-11 yr old art piece OR half page double spaced written piece OR 2 min video

12-15 yr old up to 2 min video OR 1 page double spaced written piece OR 3D homemade model showing a STEM idea filmed and explained within 5 min OR art piece

Prompts: Please have the child pick just one and submit one of the items from the above list based on their age bracket.

Walk outside or think back to your favorite memory playing outside. How could your knowledge of science, technology, engineering, or math help improve your experience outside or improve the lives of wild animals you encountered?

Propose a realistic solution for a problem in your world using science, technology, engineering, or math. (Examples: Wet shoes when it rains, things on tall shelves you cannot reach, too many mosquitoes etc.)

What would you like to do when you grow up?

What big problem do you dream you can fix if you had all the money and time in the world? How would you fix it? (Using science, technology, engineering, and math)

Describe your favorite TV show or movie when a character had to design a solution to a problem that involved science, technology, engineering, or math.

Describe or draw your role model. Why is this person important to you? What do they do as a career or as a volunteer to improve our community? How do they think creatively to solve problems? Do they use science, technology, engineering, math, or even art to solve problems? (Can be anyone famous or local).