Assessment of Nutrient Loading and Eutrophication in Barnegat Bay (Rutgers Report)


We thank the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (Susannah King, project manager) for providing the funding to conduct this project and for overseeing administrative components. Members of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), who provided valuable guidance on the project, are gratefully acknowledged. The following government agencies played an integral role in development of the project: USEPA Edison, New Jersey (Darvene Adams and Donna Ringel), USEPA New York (Barbara Spinweber); and NJDEP (Thomas Belton, Marc Ferco, Debra Hammond, and Robert Schuster). Thanks are also extended to Stanton Hales and James Vasslides of the Barnegat Bay Partnership for use of their survey data and reports. All of the aforementioned agencies and individuals are thanked for contributing information for the success of the project. Gregg P. Sakowicz (Rutgers University Marine Field Station, Tuckerton, New Jersey) is acknowledged for effective management of field and laboratory teams. Finally, we are particularly grateful to Robert Connell, former chief of the Bureau of Marine Water Monitoring at the NJDEP, who established much of the platform for this work. Information contained in this report – all statements, findings, conclusions, views, and recommendations – are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of any other individuals, agencies, or organizations.

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