An Initial Assessment of the Economic Impacts of Sandy on New Jersey and New York Commercial and Recreational Fishing Sectors

This report provides results from a rapid appraisal of impacts to fishing communities in New York and New Jersey from Sandy. This report also serves as NOAA Fisheries (NMFS) 60 day assessment of impacts from Sandy, a requirement for disaster declarations filed under MSA 315. More specifically, MSA 315 requires that within two months after a catastrophic regional fishery disaster, the Secretary of Commerce, through NOAA Fisheries, will provide the Governors of affected states (in this case New York and New Jersey) an economic and socio-economic evaluation of the affected regions fisheries using the best information available. The goals of this evaluation are to assess the impacts of Sandy in affected communities that are involved in commercial or charter fishing, and characterize the effects of the storm on fishing-related businesses and infrastructure.