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Herbarium and Janet’s Garden Continue Reading

Herbarium and Janet’s Garden

The Emily deCamp Herbarium was founded by the deCamp family and friends who love nature and want to promote it in an engaging and educational fashion. The Herbarium’s mission is to show how diverse and fantastic New Jersey’s native wildlife can be by: Illustrating the chain of life, by teaching it in an interesting way Helping […]

Virtual Rain Garden Workshop for Manchester Continue Reading

Virtual Rain Garden Workshop for Manchester

Rain gardens are a beautiful and effective way to collect rain so that it will reduce flooding, penetrate the ground, and reduce pollution transport to the nearest waterway. During this workshop, Manchester residents are empowered to learn about local resources and how they can install their own rain gardens on their property. This event will […]

Spring Home, Landscaping, & Gardening Workshop Continue Reading

Spring Home, Landscaping, & Gardening Workshop

As part of our Learn & Discover with Us series, we invite you to join our partner groups at the LBI Foundation of Arts & Sciences for a morning gardening workshop. This workshop is FREE and open to the public!

Rain Gardens: Make Your Yard a Sponge Continue Reading

Rain Gardens: Make Your Yard a Sponge

Join the Ocean County Soil Conservation District for a FREE workshop! This workshop teaches the basics of designing and planting a rain garden for Barnegat Bay watershed homeowners.

Soil to Spoon: Healthy Food Gardening Continue Reading

Soil to Spoon: Healthy Food Gardening

Join the Ocean County Soil Conservation District for a FREE workshop! Learn the needs of your favorite foods and naturally amend your soil to support their growth.

Garden Loosestrife Continue Reading

Garden Loosestrife

This family (Primulaceae) commonly called the Primrose family consists of 22 genera and 800 species of herbs and half-shrubs found chiefly in temperate and cold regions of the Northern Hemisphere and in tropical mountains.  Some species are ornamentals, including species of Primula andCyclamen.  Most Cyclamens grown in pots are cultivars of Cyclamen persicum (“of Persia”).  The name Primrose is from the Middle […]

NJ Roadways Native Plant Legislation Continue Reading

NJ Roadways Native Plant Legislation

On May 1, 2017, Governor Chris Christie signed bill S-227/A-963 into law. This piece of legislation called upon the Department of Transportation, Turnpike Authority, and the South Jersey Transportation Authority to use solely native vegetation for landscaping, reforestation efforts, and habitat restoration from that point forward. Furthermore, the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is required to […]

Jennifer Haines Continue Reading

Jennifer Haines

Jennifer Haines graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Stockton College of New Jersey, majoring in Marine Science. She is a scuba diver, passionate reader and an avid organic gardener. Jennifer loves teaching Marine and Environmental Science to upper classmen, as well as advising the environmental and astronomy clubs at Central Regional High School […]

Rachel Dash Continue Reading

Rachel Dash

Rachel has always loved being outside.  She enjoyed hiking and gardening, and adventuring with her dogs.  Over the years, this love for the outdoors turned into something more.  Rachel decided to go back to school and study environmental biology, to pursue her interests and find a place in the ecological community.  Now, Rachel has graduated […]

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Jeff Geist

Jeff will be serving as a Sea Grant Intern with SBB this summer. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Rutgers University in Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree from NYU in Environmental Conservation Education. Jeff has a passion for New Jersey’s flora and fauna and is interested in connecting […]